As heard on Spotify's 'All New Rock' Playlist. Gr8 sound. Met duizenden biografieën en discografieën, composities, contactinformatie, foto’s en audio/video van Nederlandse bands, muzikanten, ensembles, orkesten en componisten. For your listening pleasure, I suggest Toronzo Cannon. Website, Celso Salim Band (blues, roots music, boogie funk) Guitarist, singer-songwriter Bernard Allison is in the list- guess you didn’t read it. Don, A must see. Innocence of Youth When Rivers Meet 2020 $0.68. Michael, Matty T Wall was actually on my list. Info-video, Tinsley Ellis (blues, blues-rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter Btw Check out this video of Sister Cookie singin Nina Simone it sends shivers up my spine!! List of the 100 Greatest Influential Blues Artists as compiled by Info-video, Gary Hoey (blues, blues-rock) Singer-songwriter, guitarist V. Check out the Scotty bratcher band.scotty is every bit the player that joe bonamassa or kws are. Info-video, Aleks Sever (rock, jazz, funk) Guitarist, singer, composer Another amazing live band is The Revivalists but they can no longer be considered “under the radar”! A few more who are not on your list: Gary Hoey, Tyler Morris, Chase Walker, Jared James Nichols. Tab was blasting out of the juke box. That’s a great list Martine! Video I am glad the fans are appreciating, even if some of the journalists and blues societies have not caught on yet ;) Cheers, LZ. 23 LW 56. a $10 show, maybe 100 people in attendance. Jussie Smith from Australia, a one man band, I would say he is simply the best. Very good list. Mississippi Heat have been around for a while but don’t tour a whole lot from what I can tell. Definitely worth a mention, Check out the Rainbow Girls: List of the 100 Greatest Influential Blues Artists as compiled by Website, Eric Steckel (blues-rock, rock, blues, “blues metal”) Guitarist, singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist. . They are a 2 piece that are rocking. Great information here…check out John Verity. Ally Venable Band Check out Sister Cookie!!!! The ultimate guitar hero and his band play two fiery sets in Hawaii where they shine despite unpredictable conditions. Ryan McGarvey Thanks for commenting. Both shows have been on air for 35+ years. Info-song. Great list. There is an increasing number of new independent artists, who don’t accept the labels demands, making the music they want to make, financed by crowdfunding. I’m familiar with alot of them. New album excellent. Damon was also the guitarist/singer for Butch Trucks and Dicky Betts Band. Info-video, Blackberry Smoke (Southern rock) Band I would add The Billy Walton Band, Felix Rabin and Kris Barras. she writes and plays the piano too plus she’s funny as ****. Larry Garner (story teller) Song Premiere: Beth Hart, "No Place Like Home" Beth Hart Biography by Stephen Thomas Erlewine + Follow Artist. Pete, Just my two cents worth! Nominated for a BMA this year… their new album is fire. Martiste - ein Name, der vor Allem für Atmosphäre steht. Sub Genre: Blues Rock Connect with the Artist: Visit Artist Website. Thanks, I love checking out new talent!, Thank you so much for adding him! Thackery is in one of these two big lists. Jarekus Singleton is right in there with Selwyn Birchwood. Out of the wilds of Williamstown, Ma comes the thundering guitar work of Albert Cummings. Of cause there are much more well kmown artists around and some of them are much better musicians as those listed but this is your taste. Instrumentalist Drums Cedric Burnside. He’s awesome, a nice guy, fast player, and good backing band. I was so psyched to see Philip Sayce on your list–one of my faves, who not many people seem to know about! From the land of The Zoo Bar, Lincoln Ne. Even in that short time, you could see his growth as an artist. Keep updating this list! Never heard of a lot of these will check them out thank you. Deserve a listen. One man band. Great article, but you need to include Ronnie Baker Brooks. Wooden Shields is a three pieces rock band starring Morgan Briand (Vocals/Guitar) Rémi Bottriaux (Drums) and Benjamin Ménégale (Bass) Live music makes your soul perk. Website, Black Stone Cherry (Southern rock, southern blues) Band Joe, Glad to see Samantha Fish in the list, seen Samantha & her excellent band in Bristol, UK in May. Bob, She has just released Texas Honey produced by Mike Zito and its smokin hot! Shaun Murphy Thanks. These 50 modern blues, rock, and Southern soul artists are some of my personal favorites. Conrad, you are so welcome. Thank you. He has released another two albums since then. Will check them out. Thank you for your additions. Connect with Blues Rock collectors across the globe and complete your collection. Black Crow Moan Eliza Neals 2020 $1.50. Her debut solo album, One Shot, will be released later this year. If you include the likes of Joe Bonnamassa, Government Mule and Walter Trout, then the Truckers certainly belong on here. Meer dan 500 toplijsten. Eunie This isn’t a top list of the best or worst. Phew ! And alot of them I’m looking forward to listening too thanks to your recommendation. Anthony Gomes is in the list. He played before Eric Gales at a recent festival at Knuckleheads Saloon in KC. John, She also receives high praise from Joe Bonamossa. Thanks for taking the time to comment. He was the opening act for Joanne Shaw Taylor last night, and got a standing ovation. One of my favs and Get Soul is one of my fav albums of all time. But now I’m thinking I’ll just include everyone I left off. Who's Directing Your Movie? People miss the real-deal musicians, the greats who innovated their own styles and sounds. Aynsley Lister Both of those guys are usually very loud. I’ve been hearing people complain about current pop music because of the lack of soulfulness, a lack of authenticity, manufactured drum beats, compressed auto-tuned vocals and more. A list like this should help out the newer artist that YES people SHOULD hear because they are good. Thanks again, Martine. Check out Leroy Miller. A great Bluesman. And thank you for suggesting those great bands. Martine, brilliant article and list. Uiteraard komen ook regionale artiesten aan bod. You cannot replicate that energy or the up-close-and-personal experience with a live-streamed concert on your TV or computer. One of the few bands that spans it all…and with two dudes! what a deal. Unless you have your ear to the ground  for current blues, blues-rock, rock, and southern soul music, you might not have heard of these artists. Eric Gales and Josh Smith join him along with Lance Lopez ! Please comment with your favorites that you don’t see here. He is phenomenal!! Oh and a local Jeramy Norris. Wat staat er op NR1? Thanks! Thanks for your list and your passion. Tiger Gagan He’s is coming out with a new CD in the next couple weeks or so. Library it is and it is growing all the time. Eric Lindell for southern gulf coast soul/blues. Matt Schofield , Seth Rosenbloom, Ariel Posen, Derek Trucks. People know who they and they will be seen. Some of these blues, rock and soul artists are from other countries or some haven’t become well known enough yet, but none fit into the most popular genres of music today based on online streaming stats—pop, hip-hop/rap/R&B, and country. The last 3 of his cds have been produced by Tab Benoit as well as he’s currently on Tab Benoit’s- Whisky Bayou Records label. What about Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band? Kai Strauss Electric Blues Allstars, Curtis Salgado, Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers, Tommy Castro & Painkillers, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Jeff Jensen, Fantastic Negrito, Monster Mike Welch, Joe Louis Walker all these fine Harp players like Jason Ricci, Johnny Mastro, Johnny Sansone, Big Harp George, Brandon Santini. of these artists on my radio shows in the past couple of years and a dozen are on my current ‘new blues’ shelf at WMHB. Saw Joann Shaw Taylor last night and Larkin Poe last Saturday. I didnt see Dan Auerbach on here of Jack White ,or Like the Blue Stones …etc. I am from Australia and am currently on vacation in the US – I’m currently in Boston, heading to DC on Monday then off to Honolulu for a week or so. Otis ( it’s a common band name in Spotify so you would have to look for the album Eye of the Sun Saw him open for Samantha Fish. Video Thanks, from Canada, for the work you put into this! C.W Stoneking, anybody? We just reviewed Charlie Wooten Project, featured Samantha Fish quite a bit, Amanda Fish, plus Eric Johanson, Jeff McCarty (agreed on the Sam Cooke reference) Check the follow up to this article,, Nice list, but missing a few that belong up there: A supreme stylist, guitarist & trail blazer. My other show is Woodstock Rock (10 of us!) Appreciate your tips. You are one class act! I’m positive there are many I have yet to learn about. Je luistert nu online en live naar de radio stream van Arrow Bluesbox Photo by: suze72 . Unbelievable guitarist, great showman, and just a great guy. Thanks for this article, Martine. Joe Bonamassa and KWS are not under the radar as well as many on this list who have been out there doing their things for 30 years or more. Thank you. It would be a shame if they had to take a 8:00- 4:30 gig instead of a 9:00- 1:00. Though much early rock & roll was based in the blues, Blues-Rock didn't fully develop into a subgenre until the late-'60s. Thank you. Love the list! Not forgotten at all. I hired two off the list for private parties when they performed as Trampled Under Foot with their brother Chris. Bridget Kelly Band. Also we saw a band a couple of years ago from Canada called the Sheep Dogs. Here is our review on Campanella, Gary Clark Jr. Is a MUST SEE. Die Auszeichnungen wurden in Memphis, Los Angeles und Washington, D.C. verliehen. Welcome. They are recording their first Demo CD now. Great list! However, blues-rock soon backed away from hard rock, and there was a set number of acts that continued to play (and rewrite) blues standards as well as write their own songs in the same idiom. Great article, been spinning blues on the radio for years and noticing some of the callers are getting younger. Thanks for the comment. Blues-rock is a tightrope – and Mike Zito has never lost his footing. pls add to your list….tyler morris a very young man out of worcester ma, as well as the delta generators, craig rawding, and the heidi nirk band from RI . Blues-Rock American Trad Rock Modern Electric Blues. I’m missing The Steel Woods, in the Southern Rock section. I’m talking about under the radar musicians who are just as good, just as innovative and talented as bands we all listened to before pop, hip-hop/rap/R&B, and country overtook the air waves. Couldn’t leave him out. • Reverend Horton Heat, Rusty, Info-video, Coco Montoya (blues, blues-rock) Guitarist, singer-wongwriter Top 100 Blues nummers playlists spotify. You will not be disappointed! Yet his lifelong fascination with the blues has always reeled him back in. Thanks for the suggestions. Also Stevie Salas , rockin for sure. I like to describe myself as a vertiginous Blues-Rock guitar player and artist, my playing is furious and fearless, I have always believed that expressive bluesy and bendy notes are the perfect vehicles to express my personality. Borrowing the idea of an instrumental combo and loud amplification from rock & roll, the original blues-rockers -- bands like Cream that grew out of the Alexis Korner and John Mayall tradition of British blues, as well as American bands like the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Canned Heat -- also attempted to play long, involved improvisations which were commonplace on jazz records, as well as live blues shows. Blues-rock emphasized two specific things -- the traditional, three-chord blues song and instrumental improvisation. Keep the tunes coming. Are you aware of Jeremiah Johnson band out of St. Louis? GREAT call RBB AWESOME all the way. Big fun! Catfish young upcoming Blues/Rock from the UK Thanks for the others. A brilliant genre which takes the best elements of both Blues and Rock music. His father, John, has a band too! And I get that. Shout out to my KENTUCKY boys of Black Stone Cherry! Info-video, Robert Randolph & The Family Band (blues, rock, soul, funk) Band Info-video, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown (rock band) You’re so welcome. absolutely the best female vocalist on the planet. You forgot Damon Fowler. I will favorite the link and add more names to my bucketlist. We have featured Popa Chubby several times and he is in our follow up article ‘Your Additions to 50 Modern Blues Rock Soul Artists”. Great list!! There are unknown, great bands playing at the neighborhood bars all over the country. I my article I stated that and wrote that if someone isn’t already into this music, they might not know of them so I included them. Thanks for your suggestion. She truly rocks! Oli Brown. Kate Butler I Communications/Social Media/Artist Management. Rolling Stone's Best Blues Rock Albums of All Time. Sidewinder is an awesome album. Thanks James. Love it. A few others i forgot to mention;JD McPherson, Jason Ricci,Billy Gibson,GhostTown Blues Band,Nick Moss. Peter, Currently touring Southern Michigan mostly – once he graduates and is free to tour, who knows where his talent will lead him. I would pick blues artist like Joe Bonamassa and Stevie Ray Vaughan but more people would vote for Muddy Waters over them. Aynsley Lister Thank you. Video Contemporary Blues Male Artist Christone “Kingfish” Ingram. Former Smashmouth Guitarist. And I would be remiss if I neglected to mention one of the best female guitarists (2nd ONLY to Samantha Fish imho) Big Monti Amundson I simply want to open a window to some great music that you won’t find on FM radio, American Idol, The Voice, or if you’re using streaming services (who isn’t) and you haven’t been steered to these great artists by algorithms based on your musical choices. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few. I’d add Chris Cain and Ronnie Baker Brooks. Gerald, Greetings from Belgium. Also 3 different artists formerly in Butch Trucks Freight Train Too many of those not a lick of blues bands end up on lists , radio and headlining concerts not because they play blues but because they have the financial backing and “look” to do so. 100% Rock Internet Radio, streaming the most diverse variety of rock music online. Great list and heard of a lot of them, Lance Lopez is pretty awesome. He can be found in Key West Florida playing mostly at the Smokin Tuna but plays all over the Island! Chris Cain, Karen Lovely, Ben Rice, Lisa Mann, Eric Lindell, Kevin Burt, JP Soars, Southern Hospitality, California Honeydrops!!! should he even be here at all? 500 Followers, 366 Following, 332 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Mike Reby (@mike_reby__artiste_blues_rock) For Ronnie Baker Brooks. Discover the most collected and trending Blues Rock music. He’s a great artist, have reviewed his album and show with Benoit. Amy Stone the new cd out Neon highway blues is fantastic ! As blues rock gained popularity, bands that followed immediately were louder … Look forward to your email and updates. Info-video, Shemekia Copeland (Blues, Soul-R&B) Singer-songwriter Keep an eye on Sugarmill Slim out of Southern California as an up and comer! Agreed that they are not under the radar. Op de vraag wat de beste gitaristen ter wereld zijn, is een grote variatie aan antwoorden mogelijk. Info-video. Nice to see Lisa Mann get a mention. The first original blues rock artists such as Cream, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Canned Heat actually borrowed the idea of combining an instrumental combo with loud amplification from rock and roll, and also attempted to play long, involved improvisations which were commonplace on jazz records and live blues shows. Video Thanks for the additional names. Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials ( Upbeat blues that make for lots of dancing) You’re very kind. Victor Wainright and Popa Chubby. A lot of SRV and Clapton influences. Thanks for the compilation, it’s going to be a great reward reviewing your picks! Markey Blue Very cool list. November 22, 2018 ugur top list, Top music list 0. Blues tabs, chords, guitar, bass, ukulele chords, power tabs and guitar pro tabs including 12 bar blues, blues jammin, blues scale in g, cold comfort, all rise It would be nice to see “ Hey thanks for putting this together” then make your statement. Enjoy! BLUES-JAZZ-ROCK ITS A CLASSICAL MUSIC RIGHT NOW Fortunately I’ve heard of most of these incredible musicians because of you and your incredible FB page, rockandbluesmuse, keep up the great work, and as always, keep spreading the blues and rock news!!! They should definitely be on this and many other lists. Video Thanks for the suggestion. I always look forward to your reviews too. Such a top shelf list of artists. Joe Bonamassa (born May 8, 1977) is an American blues rock guitarist, singer and songwriter. I did not include Bonnie Raitt because she’s so well known to everyone. Also, a community minded person who uses her intellect to better those around her! Info-video, Tab Benoit (blues, Delta blues, blues-rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter The band exists during more than 20 years (late fifties to 1980) but was credited as main artist rarely. Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive list of blues talent. I recomend their second album “Queen of the murder scene”, wich I consider a masterpiece! Eric Clapton. St.Paul/Mpls. And if people aren’t really exposed to this kind of music, then there are a few I had to include that you might consider big names for these specific genres. It was blues rock at its most epic, awesome and sprawling. I mentioned I would accidentally leave some off. Good list. Hi Martine. Great list! Website, Artur Menezes (blues, blues-rock, funky grooves too) Guitarist, singer-songwriter blues soul jazz rocknroll and more…. The band's best-of is a lively portrait of their raw, arty reinvention of rock. Sonic Departures by: JW-Jones Tweet Buy Now: Label: Solid Blues Sub Genre: Contemporary Blues Connect with the Artist: Visit Artist Website. She’s been on the scene for 13 years, yet apparently is still an unknown outside of her native Canada. I hope you enjoy. Mark, Great young band with a large collection of original rock, blues, funk, and psychelic music. You Forgot Savoy Brown Still Playing Since 1965. Getting better every time. English musician, guitarist/singer from Yorkshire. That's What I Heard by: Robert Cray Tweet Buy Now: Label: Nozzle Sub Genre: Contemporary Blues Connect with the Artist: Visit Artist Website. Occasionally has doubled up both with Mike Zito and with Danielle Nicole (my current favorite of entire list! Thanks for your comment. I know a handful on the list (sarah potenza brought me here; LOVE her), and look forward to checking out more. Glad to see Davey Knowles name on there. The future of blues rock.. you decide, raw and exciting records, explosive live rock concerts from Laurence Jones Music Martine, I also co-host a blues radio show. It doesn’t encompass all of my favorites because the list would be too long. So much great music within the list. Thanks. Joe Bonamassa. It would be difficult to list every great blues or bluesish band. She’s burning tracks in the blues world right now! Robben Ford, Supersonic blues band, big Al & the heavyweights, delbert McClinton, Toronto Cannon, Ronnie baker Brooks, Bobby Messano, Lil Ed & the blues imperial, Rick Estrin, altered five blues band, Rick Holstrom, Jimmy Thackery, I missed the great Tab Benoit, Buddy Guy the legend still rocking in his eighties, Quinn Sullivan, Vanessa Collier (amazing). So many already have covered most all my thoughts as to what a list such as this one entails, but I’m stunned Cole Allen isn’t named; along with Shannon Curfman, Corey Stevens, Ross William Perry. That says a lot. Meer dan 500 toplijsten. This is just my desire to share superb music. Jimmy Voegeli is one energized keyboard player. They’ve supported JJ Grey on a few tours and now they’re blowing up by playing major festivals like Bunbury, Tuck Fest (last weekend) and The Ride Festival in Telluride later this summer. I’m working on my own album now. And then there’s the Rock n’ Soul of buzzy Toronto-bred vocalist Saidah Baba Talibah, daughter of Tony and Grammy… Mother Superior. Industry Services. Good idea to do this periodically. I’m so glad you enjoy the tunes. Hope you continue to do this periodically! But I will add him back in because he’s just too good not to include. I’ve been watching that young man perform since he blew me away at 13 at the Double Door in Charlotte! I truly appreciate it. Led by the late, great Alan Mirikitani (may he rest in peace) The Buddaheads (aka The Screaming Buddaheads) were a blues/roots rock band fronted by Alan Mirikitani’s vocals and lead guitar. Martine, Info-Video, Bernard Allison (blues, blues-rock, funk, some jazz) Info-video, Albert Castiglia (blues, blues-rock, rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter You’re welcome. James is amazing and has a hell of show that goes with it. OUTSTANDING, It’s about time these artists get there due this is the only music I’ve listened to for the past 10 years stop listening to FM radio to much talk same thing all the time. We have four presenters,all very different in their blues tastes. Will do. Powerful player and back story. Type Kris Barras into the search bar on our site and see what comes up. In the early '70s, the lines between blues-rock and hard rock were barely visible, as boogie-based bands like ZZ Top employed album-rock production techniques that tended to obscure their blues roots.