Il devait être entouré par une colonnade sur les trois cotés, avec deux autres files des colonnes alignées avec celles de la façade dans le profond pronaos qui précédait les trois cellas, dont celle au milieu était la plus large que les autres selon les canons du temple tuscanique. JC. This sculpture, as well as the cult statue of Jupiter in the main cella, was said to have been the work of Etruscan artisan Vulca of Veii. 110 2 _ ‎‡a Temple de Jupiter Capitolin (Rome, Italie) ‏ 110 2 _ ‎‡a Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus (Rome, Italy) ‏ 4xx's: Alternate Name Forms (38) The new temple of Quintus Lutatius Catulus was renovated and repaired by Augustus. [43], The Area Capitolina was the precinct on the southern part of the Capitoline that surrounded the Temple of Jupiter, enclosing it with irregular retaining walls following the hillside contours. Les restes des fondations et du podium, la plus part au-dessous du Palais Caffarelli, sont constitués par des énormes structures parallèles en mur à blocs d’affleurement et témoignent les grandes dimensions de l’embasement du temple (environ 55x60 mètres). The temple, which immediately rose to fame, established a new model for sacred architecture that was adopted in the terracotta decorations of many temples in Italy up to the 2nd century BC. Watch more videos for more knowledge When Was The Temple Of Jupiter Built? [6] A crude image on a coin of 78 BC shows only four columns, and a very busy roofline.[7]. [48], Underground chambers called favissae held damaged building materials, old votive offerings, and dedicated objects that were not suitable for display. [14], Livy records that in 495 BC the Latins, as a mark of gratitude to the Romans for the release of 6,000 Latin prisoners, delivered a crown of gold to the temple. It was completed in A.D. Le temple de Jupiter Capitolin était dédié à Jupiter Optimus Maximus, avec les deux autres divinités de la triade capitoline, Junon et Minerve. Temple De Jupiter. It was surrounded by the Area Capitolina, a precinct where numerous shrines, altars, statues and victory trophies were displayed. [33] The third temple burned during the reign of Titus in 80 AD. It was surrounded by the Area Capitolina, a precinct where numerous shrines, altars, statues and victory trophies were displayed. It was sacred to the Capitoline Triad consisting of Jupiter and his companion deities, Juno and Minerva. Sulla hoped to live until the temple was rebuilt, but Quintus Lutatius Catulus (Capitolinus) had the honor of dedicating the new structure in 69 BC. Related Videos. Le temple de Jupiter Capitolin Commentaire appuyé sur : Vie de Publius Valerius Publicola Le rituel du clou d'après Tite Live Photo de la statue d'Apollon de Veies Denier : - de 78 av JC Avers - de 43 av JC - Sesterce de 76 ap JC Introduction Introduction Nature du document : Cela témoigne de l’importance de ce dieu dans la mythologie et dans la culture romaine. [26] The new temple was built to the same plan on the same foundations, but with more expensive materials for the superstructure. The sacred geese of Juno, said to have sounded the alarm during the Gallic siege of Rome, were kept in the Area,[47] which was guarded during the Imperial period by dogs kept by a temple attendant. [44] The precinct was enlarged in 388 BC,[45] to about 3,000m2. [46] The Clivus Capitolinus ended at the main entrance in the center of the southeast side, and the Porta Pandana seems to have been a secondary entrance; these gates were closed at night. Remains of the last temple survived to be pillaged for spolia in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, but now only elements of the foundations and podium or base survive; as the subsequent temples apparently reused these, they may partly date to the first building. JC. It was religiously prohibited to disturb these. Tempel van Jupiter Optimus Maximus. The original elements were partially replaced with other elements in different style in the early 4th century BC and anew at the end of the 3rd – early 2nd century BC. Literary sources indicate that the temple was not entirely completed until the late 60s BC. A second portent was the appearance of the head of a man to workmen digging the foundations of the temple. Ce temple romain, appelé le temple de Jupiter Très Bon et Très Grand, était dédié à la triade de Jupiter, Junon et Minerve, mais appelé, par abréviation, « temple de Jupiter » ou « temple de Jupiter Capitolin » Le temple de Jupiter sur le Capitole sous la République romaine (illustration de Friedrich Polack, 1896) Lucius Tarquinius Priscus vowed this temple while battling with the Sabines and, according to Dionysius of Halicarnassus, began the terracing necessary to support the foundations of the temple. [50] In late antiquity, it was a market for luxury goods, and continued as such into the medieval period: in a letter from 468, Sidonius Apollinaris describes a shopper negotiating over the price of gems, silk, and fine fabrics. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. [35] Cistophorus of Domitian representing the temple of Capitoline Jupiter (82 CE) RIC II/1 2, Domitian, n° 841, p. 329; RPC II/1, 864, p. 132.. In 437 BC Aulus Cornelius Cossus unhorsed the Veientes' King Lars Tolumnius and struck him down. On the reverse, the temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus Capitolinus is depicted as set on a three-tiered base and sustained by six Corinthian columns which were characteristic of this temple (De Angeli, “Iuppiter,” p. 151-152). C’était le plus grand monument ayant existé sur le Capitole, mesurant environ 53 x 63 mètres. The first temple burned in 83 BC, during the civil wars under the dictatorship of Sulla. [32] The third temple of Jupiter was dedicated in 75 AD. [41] A part of the eastern corner is also visible in the via del Tempio di Giove. Le Capitole est l’une des sept collines de Rome ! +39 060608, Museo di Scultura Antica Giovanni Barracco, Museo della Repubblica Romana e della memoria garibaldina. It is located in the western part of Diocletian's Palace near the Peristyle, the central square of the imperial complex. Stamper is a leading protagonist of a smaller size, rejecting the larger size proposed by the late, Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Roman Antiquities 3.69, Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Roman Antiquities 4.61; Livy History 1.55–56.1, Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Roman Antiquities 4.61.4, Adam Ziolkowski, "Civic Rituals and Political Spaces in Republican and Imperial Rome," in. A biga driven by the sun god and a biga driven by the moon were depicted either side of the three gods. We would like to offer you the best possible service. J.C. sur commande de Tarquinius le Superbe, remplacé ensuite par un autre en bronze au début du III siècle av. [18] The cult statue of Jupiter showed the god standing and wielding a thunderbolt, dressed in a tunica palmata (a tunic with palm leaves), overlaid with a toga died purple and embroidered with gold called a toga picta. Much of what is known of the first Temple of Jupiter is from later Roman tradition. Michon Étienne. Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus. Tempio di Giove Capitolino (Rome, Italie) Tempio di Giove Capitolino (Rome, Italy) Add a one-line explanation of what this file represents. J.C. Find the perfect capitolin stock photo. TEMPLO DE JÚPITER CAPITOLINO. We save Information about your visit in so-called cookies. [9] Modern coring on the Capitoline has confirmed the extensive work needed just to create a level building site. Tempelj kapitolskega Jupitra. [38][40] In 571, Narses removed many of the statues and ornaments. [17] An image of Summanus, a thunder god, was among the pedimental statues. For the first temple sources report Etruscan specialists being brought in for various aspects of the building, including making and painting the extensive terracotta elements of the Temple of Zeus or upper parts, such as antefixes. Reconstitution virtuelle : le temple de Jupiter Capitolin par Altair4 Multimedia. , de 69 et de 80 apr. JC. [36][37], The temple completed by Domitian is thought to have lasted more or less intact for over three hundred years, until all pagan temples were closed by emperor Theodosius I in 392 during the Persecution of pagans in the late Roman Empire. La construction a été commencée par Tarquinius Priscus et terminée par le dernier roi de Rome, Tarquinius le Superbe , mais le temple a été inauguré seulement au début de la République en 509 av. Questa sera il Tabularium dei Musei Capitolini, l’archivio pubblico dell’antica Roma c, Sigle di cartoon e una imperdibile suite Disney per l’ultimo appuntamento della mini-serie di vide, Per #laculturaincasa è partita, in questi mesi, una nuova rubrica settimanale dei Musei Capitolini. La triade capitoline désigne, dans la religion romaine, les trois divinités Jupiter, Junon et Minerve qui étaient honorées au temple de Jupiter Capitolin, sur le Capitole à Rome. This coin is a cistophoric tetradrachm minted in 82 CE. "[38][39] During the 5th century the temple was damaged by Stilicho (who according to Zosimus removed the gold that adorned the doors) and Gaiseric Procopius states that the Vandals plundered the temple during the sack of Rome in 455, stripping away half of the gilded bronze tiles. [27] Around 65 AD the three new cult statues were completed. The remaining ruins were destroyed in the 16th century, when Giovanni Pietro Caffarelli built a palace (Palazzo Caffarelli) on the site. 16 January, 2019 - 19:00 dhwty. Lo temple primitiu, Temple de Jupiter Capitolin seriá estat bastit per Tarquin l'Ancian e acabat per Tarquin lo Supèrb, mas segon Titus Livius foguèt consacrat mai tard en 509 AbC alara que la primièra annada de la Republica romana. "When Was The Temple Of Jupiter Built? Le Plan de Rome est une grande maquette en plâtre de près de 70 m² qui représente la Rome antique au temps de l'empereur Constantin (IV e s. apr. When the augurs carried out the rites seeking permission to remove them, only Terminus and Juventas were believed to have refused. After taking the linen cuirass off Tolumnius' body, he decapitated the corpse and put the head on a lance and paraded it in front of the enemy, who retreated in horror. [34] Elaborate sculpture adorned the pediment. After the emperor Theodosius I eliminated the public funding for upkeep of pagan temples in 392, it was spoliated several times through the Middle Ages. Summary [] [citation needed], The man to perform the dedication of the temple was chosen by lot. Ziolkowski, "Civic Rituals and Political Spaces," p. 398. No need to register, buy now! The most famous of these was of Jupiter driving a quadriga, a chariot drawn by four horses, which was on top of the roof as an acroterion. Domitian hid in the dog handler's living quarters when the forces of Vitellius overtook the Capitoline. Cossus donated the captured armour, shield and sword to the Temple of Jupiter Feretrius on the Capitoline Hill, where as late as the reign of Emperor Augustus it could be seen. Temple de Jupiter Capitolin Le temple de Jupiter Capitolin était dédié à Jupiter Optimus Maximus, avec les deux autres divinités de la triade capitoline, Junon et Minerve. [4] Whatever its size, its influence on other early Roman temples was significant and long-lasting. Abstract. Unique events in some of the most extraordinary places in the world. Ses imposantes fondations ont été retrouvées récemment sous le palais des Conservateurs, si bien qu'on en connaît maintenant parfaitement le plan. In the 4th century, Ammianus Marcellinus referred to the temple as "the Capitolium, with which revered Rome elevates herself to eternity, the whole world beholds nothing more magnificent. I have ____t_l During the 16th century, it was subsumed into a large private residence, the Palazzo Caffarelli-Clementino, which became part of the current-day Capitoline Hill. The Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus, also known as the Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus (Latin: Aedes Iovis Optimi Maximi Capitolini, Italian: Tempio di Giove Ottimo Massimo, English: "Temple of Jupiter Best and Greatest on the Capitoline") was the most important temple in … This was said by the augurs (including augurs brought especially from Etruria) to mean that Rome was to be the head of a great empire. 29 likes. [12], Traditionally the Temple was dedicated on September 13, the founding year of the Roman Republic, 509 BC according to Livy. During Lucius Cornelius Sulla's sack of Athens in 86 BC, while looting the city, Sulla seized some of the gigantic incomplete columns from the Temple of Zeus and transported them back to Rome, where they were re-used in the Temple of Jupiter. [16] It was certainly considered the most important religious temple of the whole state of Rome. This costume became the standard dress for victorious generals celebrating a triumph. [2] But for the second building they were summoned from Greece, and the building was presumably essentially Greek in style, though like other Roman temples it retained many elements of Etruscan form. In: Monuments et mémoires de la Fondation Eugène Piot, tome 32, fascicule 1-2, 1932. pp. Also lost in this fire were the Sibylline Books, which were said to have been written by classical sibyls, and stored in the temple (to be guarded and consulted by the quindecimviri (council of fifteen) on matters of state only on emergencies). According to Plutarch, Domitian used at least twelve thousand talents of gold for the gilding of the bronze roof tiles alone. Luogo ideale per incontrare questo universo… Continua a leggere , Musei Capitolini, piazza del Campidoglio 1 - 00186 Roma. C’est au pied de cette colline, que Romulus décida de bâtir la ville de Rome. Below was an eagle with wings spread out. Classé à l'Inventaire des monuments historiques, il est l'œuvre de l'architecte normand Paul Bigot (1870-1942), Grand Prix de Rome en 1900 et Professeur à l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris. : Ai #MuseiCapitolini fino al 9 dicembre 2018 un’occasione unica per ripercorrere la storia degli ultimi tre concili dell’età moderna con un percorso che si snoda intorno a 30 opere - dipinti, sculture, argenti e tessuti liturgici rari e preziosi. Le temple de Jupiter Capitolin était autrefois un temple, situé sur le Capitole, et dédié à la Triade Capitoline. Le Temple de Jupiter le très Bon et le très Grand, appelé aussi Temple de Jupiter Capitolin était dédié à la triade capitoline : Jupiter, Junon et Minerve. The first version is the largest Etruscan-style temple recorded,[3] and much larger than other Roman temples for centuries after. With two further fires, the third temple only lasted five years, to 80 AD, but the fourth survived until the fall of the empire. Il était aussi appelé le temple de Jupiter le très Bon et le très Grand. Achevé à la fin du VIe siècle av. Le temple de Jupiter Capitolin. In the centre of the pediment the god Jupiter was flanked by Juno and Minerva, seated on thrones. The first building was the oldest large temple in Rome, and, like many temples in central Italy, shared features with Etruscan architecture. JC. Sur le toit on peut se souvenir d’un grand quadrige en terre cuite, réalisé par l’artiste étrusque Vulca de Veio au VIe siècle av. Download this stock image: Rome antique : ceremonie de dedicace du temple de Jupiter capitolin, le 13 septembre 509 avant JC, la premiere annee de la Republique romaine, et att - 2BF8JG9 from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. Le matériau employé était du tuf cappellaccio, particulièrement utilisé à … [23] Five different plans of the temple have been published following recent excavations on the Capitoline Hill that revealed portions of the archaic foundations. The duty fell to Marcus Horatius Pulvillus, one of the consuls in that year. Dominique Briquel dans mensuel 370daté décembre 2011 -. [11], Livy also records that before the temple's construction shrines to other gods occupied the site. Domitian immediately began rebuilding the temple, again on the same foundations, but with the most lavish superstructure yet. 82. [19], The original temple decoration was discovered in 2014.The findings allowed the archaeologists to reconstruct for the first time the real appearance of the temple in the earliest phase. J.-C., le temple de Jupiter Capitolin était le temple le plus important de Rome. J.-C. par Tarquin le Superbe, il fut dédié symboliquement la première année de la République, en 509 av. A Renaissance drawing of a damaged relief in the Louvre Museum shows a four-horse chariot (quadriga) beside a two-horse chariot (biga) to the right of the latter at the highest point of the pediment, the two statues serving as the central acroterion, and statues of the god Mars and goddess Venus surmounting the corners of the cornice, serving as acroteria. Le temple a été reconstruit en marbre après sa destruction totale provoquée par les violents incendies de 83 av. It was taller than the previous structures, with a Corinthian order and statuary including a quadriga atop the gable and bigae driven by figures of Victory on either side at the base of the roof. [8] Much of the Cappellaccio tufa which forms the foundation of the Temple was probably mined directly from the site when it was excavated and levelled for the structure. Maquette de Rome (musée de la civilisation romaine, Rome) (5911810278).jpg 1,600 × 1,200; 1.84 MB Model - Temple of Jupiter Optimus - Palazzo dei Conservatori - Rome 2016.jpg 5,184 × … Nouveau!! Over the years the temple accrued countless statues and trophies dedicated by victorious generals, and in 179 some of these attached to the columns were removed to lessen the clutter.[22]. The first temple was decorated with many terra cotta sculptures. The ruins were still well preserved in 1447 when the 15th-century humanist Poggio Bracciolini visited Rome. [21], Repairs and improvements were undertaken over the course of the temple's lifetime, including the re-stuccoing of the columns and walls in 179 BC, the addition of mosaic flooring in the cella after the Third Punic War, and the gilding of the coffered ceiling inside the cella in 142 BC. Le temple surgissait sur un grand podium avec un escalier d’accès antérieur. Their shrines were therefore incorporated into the new structure. J.-C.). Templo de Júpiter Capitolino es el mismo conocido como Templo de Júpiter Óptimo Máximo, este templo se construyó para rendir culto al dios Júpiter Optimus Maximus , así como a los dioses Juno y Minerva los cueles eran los dioses principales para los romanos de … [28] It featured Jupiter seated with a thunderbolt and scepter in either hand, and possibly an image of the goddess Roma in one hand as well. The removed material was dumped into the layers forming the square in front of the temple, the so-called Area Capitolina, in the middle years the 2nd century BC. The Temple of Jupiter, Capitolium, or Temple of the Capitoline Triad was a temple in Roman Pompeii, at the north end of its forum. Temple de Jupiter Capitolin. [24] According to Dionysius of Halicarnassus, the same plan and foundations were used for later rebuildings of the temple,[25] but there is disagreement over what the dimensions he mentions referred to (the building itself or the podium). 3:36. [13] According to Dionysius, it was consecrated two years later in 507 BC. Caravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi, Milano 1571 - Porto Ercole 1610). [15], The original temple may have measured almost 60 m × 60 m (200 ft × 200 ft), though this estimate is hotly disputed by some specialists. Seguendo gli hashtag #cineCampidoglio e #setCampidoglio è stato ed è ancora possibile scoprire tutte le occasioni in cui il… Continua a leggere , Qual è la trama che rende il tessuto dell’essere umano così pieno di fili inestricabili, connessi l’uno all’altro a formare un disegno al contempo splendido e tragico? Because he was the god of boundaries, Terminus's refusal to be moved was interpreted as a favorable omen for the future of the Roman state. [38], Today, portions of the temple podium and foundations can be seen behind the Palazzo dei Conservatori, in an exhibition area built in the Caffarelli Garden, and within the Musei Capitolini. [30] The second building burnt down during the course of fighting on the hill on 19 December of 69 AD, when an army loyal to Vespasian battled to enter the city in the Year of the Four Emperors.[31]. The precinct held numerous shrines, altars, statues, and victory trophies. Keywords: αρχιτεκτονική architectura architecture architettura architektur ρώμη rome roma rom aedes iovis optimi maximi capitolini temple of jupiter capitolinus optimus maximus tempio di giove ottimo massimo kapitolinische tempel de capitolin reconstruction model by italo gismondi and pierino carlo It was traditionally dedicated in 509 BC,[1] and in 83 BC was destroyed by fire, and a replacement in Greek style completed in 69 BC (there were to be two more fires and new buildings). 61-80 J.-C. [49] Some plebeian and tribal assemblies met there. Persecution of pagans in the late Roman Empire, "Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus, Rome", "A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome", The Statues of the Loggia Della Signoria in Florence: Masterpieces Restored, A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome, Boncompagni Ludovisi Decorative Art Museum, Museo Storico Nazionale dell'Arte Sanitaria,, 6th-century BC religious buildings and structures, Articles containing Italian-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2017, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 December 2020, at 09:29. [29], Brutus and the other assassins locked themselves inside it after murdering Caesar. The two further buildings were evidently of contemporary Roman style, although of exceptional size. Tel. The Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus in Rome, built about this time, resembled Etruscan buildings in central Italy—at Signia, Orvieto, Veii, and elsewhere—in its podium (base or platform on which it rests), its triple cella, its broad low Etruscan porch, and its characteristic terra-cotta adornment. The clue is Temple of Jupiter on Capitoline Hill. The Temple of Jupiter (Croatian: Jupiterov hram) is a temple in Split, Croatia dedicated to the Ancient Roman god Jupiter. Dans la grande place d’en face (Area Capitolina) il y avait nombreux temples pour les divinités mineurs et d’autres édifices sacrés, outre que des statues et des trophées. Ancient Rome Temple De Jupiter Capitolin . [51], Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}41°53′32″N 12°28′54″E / 41.89222°N 12.48167°E / 41.89222; 12.48167, For other temples dedicated to this god, see, Stamper, 33 and all Chapters 1 and 2. Le temple fut construit sur une vaste plate-forme avec l’entrée orientée côté sud. Non Scholae,sed Vitae Discimus [42], The second Medici lion was sculpted in the late 16th century by Flaminio Vacca from a capital from the Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus. Download Citation | The Restorations of the Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus | This chapter focuses on the three reconstructions of the temple of Jupiter Capitolinus. Each deity of the Triad had a separate cella, with Juno Regina on the left, Minerva on the right, and Jupiter Optimus Maximus in the middle. [20] The wooden elements of the roof and lintels were lined with terracotta revetment plaques and other elements of exceptional size and richly decorated with painted reliefs, following the so-called Second Phase model (referring to the decorative systems of Etruscan and Latin temples), that had its first expression precisely with the Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus. Las aucas del Capitòli, per Henri-Paul Motte, 1889. The new emperor, Vespasian, rapidly rebuilt the temple on the same foundations but with a lavish superstructure. La construction a été commencée par Tarquinius Priscus et terminée par le dernier roi de Rome, Tarquinius le Superbe, mais le temple a été inauguré seulement au début de la République en 509 av. Much about the various buildings remains uncertain. Świątynia Jowisza Najlepszego Największego. The Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus, also known as the Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus (Latin: Aedes Iovis Optimi Maximi Capitolini; Italian: Tempio di Giove Ottimo Massimo; English: "Temple of Jupiter, the Best and Greatest") was the most important temple in Ancient Rome, located on the Capitoline Hill. The chryselephantine statue of Jupiter was sculpted by Apollonius of Athens; its appearance is generally known from replicas created for other temples of Jupiter in the Roman colonies. The Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus, also known as the Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus (Latin: Aedes Iovis Optimi Maximi Capitolini; Italian: Tempio di Giove Ottimo Massimo; English: "Temple of Jupiter, the Best and Greatest") was the most important temple in Ancient Rome, located on the Capitoline Hill. I'n doing a crosswword in Geography and need some help. Voir plus » Triade capitoline. Captions. It's 7 letters. In the centre, a figure, probably Jupiter, is represented seated. However, its size remains heavily disputed by specialists; based on an ancient visitor it has been claimed to have been almost 60 m × 60 m (200 ft × 200 ft), not far short of the largest Greek temples. « Extispicium » devant le temple de Jupiter Capitolin (Musée du Louvre ). Download PDF: Sorry, we are unable to provide the full text but you may find it at the following location(s): (external link) La domus d'Octavius Quartio (également dite de … [10] According to Dionysius of Halicarnassus and Livy, the foundations and most of the superstructure of the temple were completed by Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, the last King of Rome. [38] Despite this, in the early 6th century Cassiodorus described the temple as one of the wonders of the world. C ommencé selon la tradition par le roi étrusque Tarquin l'Ancien et terminé à la fin du VIe siècle av. What Was the Significance of The Capitoline Triad to the Roman Pantheon? C’était également le plus grand monument ayant … Au cours de l’histoire, il fut incendié et reconstruit à plusieurs reprises. The Capitoline Triad was a trio of gods worshiped by the ancient Romans. A l’origine, le Temple de Jupiter, de style toscan, mesurait 53 m sur 63 m environ. Rencontres pour les enseignants et les étudiants, I Musei Capitolini si raccontano grazie alla tecnologia del Google Arts & Culture, 7 nuovi in-painting tour sulla piattaforma Google Arts & Culture, Visita alla mostra "La Signora dell’Arte" con Ludovico Pratesi. Le Temple de Jupiter Capitolin était un des plus grands et des plus luxueux des temples de Rome et représentait la grandeur de la ville. [5] Reconstructions usually show very wide eaves, and a wide colonnade stretching down the sides, though not round the back wall as it would have done in a typical Greek temple. The plan and exact dimensions of the temple have been heavily debated.